Rapidaro is a Finnish sports software and technology company. We are based in Jyväskylä, the Rapidaro concept was built in 2021. The history of the Eventello product portfolio started already in 2013.

The operative management and background influencers have tens of years of experience in both organization and business.

We serve companies, organizations and other communities in Finland and throughout World.

We are looking for new customers from sports and sports organizations as well as sports clubs, as well companies from the corporate world. You may contact us:

Questions for your organization:

  1.   Do you collect the opinions of your partners, do you ask frequently for example the interest of event organizers in future events or how have the past events succeeded?

  2.   Do you have events, competitions, games, tournaments, etc. for which you are looking for qualified organizers?

  3.   Is the easiness, efficiency, transparency or ecology of the application process a significant advantage?

  4.   Do you want projects under you; that events, competitions, games or tournaments succeed well, efficiently, effectively and economically?

  5.   Does your organization and/or partner organizations need to recruit people for projects and effectively manage the execution of tasks?

  6.   Do you have recurring and new projects coming up?
  7.   Would it be good for organized events, competitions, games and tournaments to have their data collected and stored for future use?

If your answer is YES then you may need our tools to improve your services.


Rapidaro EBM is a tool set that works for company or organization surveys. You are able to organize surveys f.ex. for candidates of becoming happenings or annual questionnaires for the partners for improving future functioning. By the EBM you can also do internal marketing of coming happenings. Contact for further information: and +358 40 556 5855

  • The main organization wants to know how the last season went and what competitions and other events any country/organizer would like to organize next year.
  • Questions and inquiries are collected, precisely and efficiently delivered to the right targets.
  • The response process can be monitored and managed and, if necessary, "accelerated".
  • Data is made available, e.g. in the form of targeted searches.
  • History can be tracked.
  • Predicts the future.
  • Targets communications when necessary.
Knowing what has happened and what your associates are thinking of and what should happen.

Rapidaro Bid+Eval is the tool set that enables a transparent and efficient application process and evaluation of applicant candidates. Contact for further information: and +358 40 556 5855

  • The main organization opens the application process for the prestigious competition. Candidate cities apply for the Games. The main organization decides who will organize the competitions.
  • Make the application process transparent and automatic.
  • Comprehensible scoring and candidate ranking.
  • Result: the best possible and the most suitable selected competition organizers.
Finding the best possible and the most suitable selected competition organizers.

Rapidaro Management is an efficient and effective tool for successful events, games, matches, tournaments and competitions organizing. Contact for further information: and +358 40 556 5855

The main organization has awarded competitions, tournament or event to City X.

The competitions are coming, for example, in a year:

  • The tools enable the step-by-step creation of the project plan and the progress of things is managed digitally - the program guides the process step by step, does not allow make shortcuts or skip set-up tasks.
  • Easy to follow up the project’s development.
  • All data remains in the storage for the management of future projects, the process can be developed as needed based on facts.
  • Result: the well organized event.
The well-organized competitions, tournaments, happenings and projects.

Rapidaro Work*Force is a recruitment and personnel management tool. Contact for further information: and +358 40 556 5855

  • The event organizer has established a competition event project and needs volunteers and/or project workers.
  • With the program you may effectively recruit workers.
  • Data can be used also in future projects.
  • Working timetables and task management of the project's workforce can be done "with precision to the minute" - when there is a task to be done, the person is directed to do it.
  • Result: The workforce is utilized optimally.
The workforce is utilized optimally.

Rapidaro Reg+Results is a tool-set for athletics competition organizers. Contact for further information: and +358 40 556 5855

  • Reg+Results tool-set has Finnish, Swedish and English versions.
  • With tool-set competition organizer can run everything from turn-in and paying the entry fees to all the aspects of running the competition, results service and presenting results on-site, social media platforms and in streaming / TV feed as well e.g. at Tilastopaja statistic service platform.
Athletics competition run smoothly.

Rapidaro Contacts


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Tech-Team coordinator:
Mr Risto Heikkinen 

Relations Team 
Mr Jarmo Räihä


Contacts: and +358 40 556 5855
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