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Company and organization survey tool for future insights and past feedback.


Rapidaro EBM is a versatile toolset designed for company and organization surveys. It facilitates the organization of surveys for various purposes, such as candidate selection for events or annual questionnaires to enhance future operations.

EBM enables internal marketing for upcoming events and serves as a valuable tool for the main organization to assess the past season, gather insights on desired competitions and events, and plan for the future. This tool ensures precise and efficient delivery of inquiries, monitors and manages response processes, accelerates when necessary, and provides accessible data through targeted searches. With the ability to track history and predict future trends, Rapidaro EBM enhances communication strategies based on a comprehensive understanding of past experiences and current sentiments among associates.


Efficient application and evaluation tool for selecting the best competition organizers.


Rapidaro Bid+Eval is a toolset designed for a transparent and efficient application process and evaluation of candidate applicants.

In scenarios where candidate cities apply to host prestigious competitions, the main organization employs Bid+Eval to streamline the process. This tool ensures transparency and automation, providing comprehensible scoring and candidate ranking. The ultimate result is the selection of the best and most suitable competition organizers, ensuring a fair and effective decision-making process. Rapidaro Bid+Eval is the key to finding optimal hosts for prestigious competitions.


Seamless tool for organizing successful events, games, matches, tournaments, and competitions.


Rapidaro Management is a powerful tool designed for the efficient and effective organization of successful events, games, matches, tournaments, and competitions.

Imagine City X winning the bid to host a prestigious competition, and with Rapidaro Management, the process becomes seamless.

This tool allows for the systematic creation of project plans, ensuring a step-by-step approach with no shortcuts, and digitally manages the progress of tasks. The program facilitates easy monitoring of project development, and all data is securely stored for future project management, allowing for continuous improvement based on factual insights. The end result: well-organized and successful competitions, tournaments, events, and projects. Rapidaro Management is your key to achieving excellence in event organization.


Manage recruitment, tasks, and workforce utilization efficiently for event organizers, ensuring streamlined project execution.


Rapidaro Work*Force is a robust recruitment and personnel management tool tailored for event organizers.

When setting up a competition event project requiring volunteers or project workers, this program proves indispensable. Its efficiency enables effective recruitment while ensuring data collected can be leveraged for future projects.

With precise working timetables and task management capabilities, every team member is directed promptly to their assigned tasks, resulting in optimal utilization of the workforce and streamlined project execution.


Streamline athletics competition management from registration to result presentation across multiple platforms.


Rapidaro Reg+Results is a comprehensive tool-set designed specifically for athletics competition organizers.

Available in Finnish, Swedish, and English versions, this tool-set empowers organizers to manage every aspect of their competitions seamlessly.

From handling registrations and entry fees to orchestrating the competition itself and presenting results across various platforms including on-site, social media, and streaming/TV feeds, including integration with platforms like Tilastopaja, Rapidaro Reg+Results ensures the smooth running of athletics competitions.

Our promise to you

Facilitating Growth

At Rapidaro, we are committed to being a catalyst for your development. Whether you’re a sports organization, company, or individual, we aim to support your growth journey. Our tools are designed to enhance your capabilities, boost your potential, and contribute to your overall progress.

Enhancing Profitability

We understand the importance of financial success in any venture. Rapidaro is dedicated to providing solutions that contribute to the profitability of your operations. By optimizing processes, streamlining management, and maximizing efficiency, we strive to positively impact your bottom line.

Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is at the core of what we do. Our tools are crafted to streamline your operations, making tasks smoother and more effective. Whether it’s organizing events, managing personnel, or running competitions, Rapidaro is here to ensure that your processes are efficient, saving you time and resources.

Tailored Solutions

Our primary mission is to make sports easier for you. We provide tools that are user-friendly, adaptable, and tailored to meet your specific needs. From event organization to recruitment, our solutions are designed to simplify the complexities of sports, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

About us

Risto, Jukka, Mika, Jarmo

Founded in 2021, Rapidaro is a leading Finnish sports software and technology company, headquartered in Jyväskylä, Finland. With roots in the Eventello product portfolio since 2013, reflect Rapidaro’s commitment to revolutionizing the sports experience.

Rapidaro’s driven by a passion to make sports more accessible and enjoyable, while providing user-friendly software solutions.

“We’re here to simplify sports and elevate the experience for all.”

CEO spotlight

Mika Järvinen, the CEO of Rapidaro is an experienced coach with over 40 years of experience in over 40 sports. Formerly a competitive athlete in decathlon, football, and volleyball, Mika discovered his passion for coaching early on. 

With a background as a professional coach from Vierumäki Sports Institute and a sport instructor from Pajulahti Sports Institute, Mika brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge.

Mika Järvinen

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